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And to archive your memories for future generations to see how beautiful your love is.

I exist to celebrate & affirm marginalized love.

Honestly, if you would have told my high school punk-show-attending self that I would be working in weddings, I would have laughed. I didn’t even think I would ever get married, so the wedding world just never felt like it was a place for me.

But then in June of 2015, I got engaged to the most perfect person for me. Suddenly, we were planning a wedding, and we almost instantly hit two roadblocks. On one side, no wedding vendors had anyone that looked like us on their websites. On the other side, gay marriage was illegal in Louisiana, which is where we lived at the time.

We held off for a few weeks from telling anyone we were engaged because we were terrified that the Supreme Court (which was deciding on same-sex marriage that same summer) would come down against us. Luckily, on June 26th, 2015, gay marriage was legalized nationwide, and Steph and I could announce our engagement.

I am a trans and queer wedding photographer based in Philadelphia who wants to show the world that love does not have one aesthetic.


This is my why. This is why I am a queer wedding photographer

But I could never quite shake the feeling that the wedding world wasn’t built for us. The mainstream American wedding industry was built for cis-gender, thin, white, straight couples. It wasn’t built for my kind of love.

I never want anyone to feel like they don’t belong in the wedding world because you do.

One of the ways I document that nostalgia and intimacy is with film. I’m a film wedding photographer because film connects the past and present for future generations. For queer people, this message is especially poignant. We have always been here, and we will always be here. I also learned photography on film 20 years ago before I had access to digital cameras. I’ll be ready for whatever your wedding brings.

You deserve to have whatever type of wedding you want. You and your love(s) are perfect, and you are welcome at my table.


  • A quiet powerhouse affirming you at every step

  • Photoshoots centered around consent and what you’re comfortable with

  • Effortless posing that doesn’t rely on outdated gender norms

  • Photo editing that’s colorful, true to life, & conscious of diverse skin tones

Instead, you get:

  • I will judge you for any of your decisions or decor

  • I will put you into forced poses or weird gender roles

  • Your family tension is too much for me

you’ll never have to worry that: 

here's what it's
like to work with me

Virgo Sun / Aquarius Moon
Enneagram 3w2

  • Virgo Sun / Aquarius Moon
  • Enneagram 3w2
  • INTJ
  • They/them

This business is queer and trans owned. My business is pro-LGBTQ+, and pro-ethical non-monogamy.

Black lives matter, and sex work is real work. I am fat positive, and always open to learning and critiques. 

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